Ixellion Gateway App

Ixellion is a technology group that invests in innovation and cutting-edge materials, and is about to launch a ground-breaking communication and interaction tool with its shareholders, customer and supporters through a blockchain platform on @Microsoft Azure which will allow users to vote, participate in meetings, access to company news and enjoy innovative services and technolgies of the group.

Proprietary Ixellion Blockchain & IXBrain AI Technology


Technology Enhanced

Medium scale, indoor vertical farms based on aeroponics, the best evolution of soilless agriculture.

Ixellion has developed a proprietary blockchain connected to an artificial intelligence system capable of interconnecting all the systems, products and technologies developed by Ixellion. The system also allows the interconnection of all financial services, corporate action and management of the company and shareholders, who can access them through the Ixellion Gateway app.

Coming Soon

Ixellion Digital Asset

Ixellion’s most ambitious project.
Ixellion intends to apply its blockchain-based AI technology to develop a sustainable and renewable energy production ecosystem by building and installing plants up to 10GW of “green and eco friendly” production worldwide. All plants will be connected, managed and optimized by the proprietary AI system capable to optimize energy production, plant efficiency, distribution and storage of excess energy produced.