Ixellion App

Digital Platform for Shareholders

Ixellion Application is the App (iOS and Android) that simplifies the Investors Relations and Shareholders Engagement. 

The Applications enables those functionalities:

  • Handles Shareholders Login and Identity;
  • Handles News (See Ixellion News);
  • Handles Poll (View and Vote to Poll);
  • Handles Corporate Actions and Communications;
  • Handles Company Services;
  • Handles Shareholders/Investors Portfolios;


The Ixellion App sends transactions with the Shareholders Identity directly to the Smart Contract deployed in the Quorum Private Blockchain Network.  

Ixellion Network Blockchain

The system provides to Ixellion a network blockchain with two smart contract deployed:

  • IxellionCore: A Smart-Contract capable to implement RBAC functionalities based on Admin and Shareholders users;
  • Polls: A Smart Contract capable to implements e-voting functionalities (view and vote)


The Blockchain deployed is Quorum Network that is an Enterprise-Scale Permissioned Blockchain based on Ethereum. Thanks to this infrastructure Ixellion is capable to implements other functionalities on Blockchain for example Supply-Chain, Tokens, Digital Assets and so on.