Special Projects - Ixellion Digital Asset

Ixellion Digital Asset: Introduction

The first thing you should know about Ixellion is what X represents.

French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes used X to denote the unknown quantity. That is part of our story. We are interested in currently “unknown” solutions to the problems faced by our planet and people.

It is also fitting that the X-Chromosome represents our nurturing and caring side. Our feminine side. Because our highest ambition is to ʻstep up’ and help underwrite our planetʼs single point of failure: humanity.

Our world population is booming: by 2050 it will have increased by another 3 billion individuals. We quickly need to find viable solutions for mobility, for food, and a host of challenges facing our environment, from sea to sky. Issues for which, we are collectively responsible.

Ironically, it is our humanity driving our singularly non-aggressive approach to investment.

The Philosophy

Ixellion born in April 2016 with a purpose to seek out investment opportunities in transformative high-level technologies. Investments categorized as “IMPACT” investing:

“Impact investing refers to investments “made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investing typically involves for-profit, social- or environmental-mission-driven businesses.”

The Project

Ixellion would like start investing in green and clean energy production, developing not only connected and innovative technologies but by building plants to reach a yearly production not less than 10 GW.

Ixellion will build plants connected to three energy production technologies:

  • Solar;
  • Windpower;
  • Hydropower;
  • Waste to Energy;

Ixellion Digital Asset: Core Technology

Growing without soil means all the contaminations or diseases: bacteria or fungi populating the soil are avoided by definition as we don’t use soil either for germination and growth.

Complete Control Over Nutrients

Crops are fed with a mix of water, macronutrients and micronutrients which is continuously adapted over the growth cycle. Nutrients are organic and basically the same the plants find in the soil, just with different stechiometric ratios as their assumptions, without the soil buffer, is far more effective.

We Save 90% Of Water

Our system requires a limited amount of water even compared to other soilless technologies (i.e. hydroponics): the vaporised water is limited and the quantity not absorbed by the plants is recovered, filtered and then used again in the cycle. 

We Save 90% Of Energy

Our system is managed by AI and IXBrain, a proprietary technology that is able to maximize the energy efficiency of the system and balance the energy consumption.

The ICT Layer

The system gathers real time growing data through a network of sensors supervising each aspect of the growth process. Data are stored in big data repositories and processed by machine learning algorithms in order to trigger specific workflows. The system is fully automated as per parameters control.

Regenerating and Converting Industrial Spaces

Ixellion’s model is based on small/medium self contained installations which can be placed in former warehouses or indoor urban spaces, therefore reducing the logistic impact of moving foods to urban areas and effectively representing a regeneration opportunity for abandoned industrial buildings. Crops are grown year round locally to satisfy the ZeroKm demand but can be also exported to other regional areas used to import goods.

Ixellion Refarm Advantages



open field: 3 Kg/m2

greenhouse: 30 Kg/m2

Ixellion Refarm: 90 Kg/m2


open field: 1 Kg/m2

greenhouse: 1,5 Kg/m2

hydroponic greenhouse: 6 Kg/m2

Ixellion Refarm: 12 Kg/m2


open field: 10 Kg/m2

Ixellion Refarm: 120 Kg/m2

Basil and Herbs

open field: 4 Kg/m2

greenhouse: 8 Kg/m2

Ixellion Refarm: 50 Kg/m2

First Installation

Ixellion and LMD Group Srl are starting to setup first installation and research center in Italy, in San Giovanni Teatino (CH).

The growing area is made up of growing modules stacked on 4 layers, each of them equipped with LED lighting. The total growing area amounts to 645 sm

Together will realize 3 production sites in Abruzzo and Marche, Ixellion will finance the construction of the plants and make the technology available, LMD Group Srl will make available the unused covered areas of its production sites.

Ixellion Refarm Layout